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Move your security network to the cloud with all-in-one enterprise-grade cloud security solutions.

Our end-to-end intelligent video surveillance and access control cloud solutions offer the simplicity and flexibility of cloud platforms while providing the same powerful proactive security and AI capabilities of on-premise and hybrid deployments.  Help your security team focus on what really matters—protecting your business and people, investigating events faster and smarter, and enhancing operational insights.

Simple, smart security for organizations of any size, our cloud solutions provide the protection you need with the convenience you demand.

Our cloud video surveillance platform provides video with integrated analytics and anomaly detection in real-time.  It provides a focused and simple web and mobile user interface, accessible from anywhere.  Our cloud solutions provide for automatic software updates and performance checks, and our secure by default with always-on encryption for recordings and media transport.  Our cloud video solutions also provide for open and flexible deployment, allowing for a hybrid or pure cloud structure—and modern architecture with lower bandwidth costs and outstanding image quality for organizations of any size.  It also integrates with third-party cameras and access control systems.

Keep Your People,
Property and Assets
Safe and Secure

Our cloud access control solutions usher in a new era of access control capability, focusing on data integrity, disaster recovery, and system resiliency while also being scalable and light on IT resources.  Our access control solutions allow you to efficiently control your environment from anywhere and grant access to visitors from your phone, know who is on-site at all times and verify that everyone is secure in an emergency.  Our cloud access control solutions also provide robust data analytics to help you proactively manage your security posture. This allows you to illuminate issues and anomalies so you can turn actionable insights into better informed, data-driven decisions.  We help you select the right package of technology to automate access control, use data to transform your facility and achieve simply better security.

  • System Management: Drop the cost, complexity, and security issues of NVRs with cloud-based video surveillance management.
  • Manage Thousands of Users, Cameras, and Locations From One Browser Interface
  • Subscription-based service provides greater purchase flexibility.
  • Cloud Gateways: Connect your current cameras to the cloud and add local or cloud storage without costly camera replacement.
  • Store and Share Video With Anyone From Anywhere
  • Rapidly deploy cameras without any network configuration required
  • System updates and maintenance managed in the cloud
  • Cloud Access Control: All-in-one readers designed with increased security and convenience for access control with mobile credentials or smart keys.
  • Cloud Cameras: Move your surveillance network to the cloud with all-in-one enterprise-grade cloud surveillance cameras.
  • Issue and revoke credentials and smart keys remotely to mobile app users

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