Video Surveillance

Optimize Visibility and Gather Valuable Business Intelligence

When you install a surveillance solution, you are looking for more than visibility. You want to alleviate concern and strengthen peace of mind in the face of day-to-day activities and unforeseen events.  Skynet Security custom designs, installs, and services seamlessly integrated video surveillance solutions for a wide range of verticals and industries.  Management and security can actively view live feed to prevent security issues, respond to active threats, see who is on the property at any given time, and identify internal theft or violations of company policy.

Your video security system should give you the tools and confidence to protect products, places, and, most importantly, people.

Video surveillance systems are the window into the activity in businesses.  Modern security goes beyond the standard video infrastructure. Today’s advanced technology allows operators to become the eyes and ears of buildings, enabling them to not only protect visitors and assets, but also achieve operational excellence.

Keep Your People,
Property and Assets
Safe and Secure

Selecting the right system has become hard considering the unique types of technologies now available on the market.  Skynet can engineer and deliver on your most complex projects.  We partner with the best equipment manufacturers and software developers to ensure what you want secured stays secure.

  • Video Management Systems with collaboration tools and seamless synchronization with access control and intrusion for greater situational awareness and enhanced operator productivity
  • Network Video Recorders that leverage smart video streaming, pre-defined layouts and alarms, and centralized licensing across flexible hardware options
  • Analog Migration Solutions using hybrid network video recorders and a vast support network of professionally trained engineers and integrators
  • Automate Surveillance—Gather intelligence to improve daily tasks and incident response.
  • Advanced Video Analytics on servers, edge-based cameras, or in cloud devices to provide ease of forensic investigation and acquisition of valuable business data where it is most appropriate for your application
  • IP Security Cameras to meet versatile installations that require advanced recording features and open platform integrations
  • Scale to the Cloud-Integrate access to cloud storage for critical video
  • Integrate Across Portfolios—Create unique, customized video systems that fit your needs.

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