Protecting your family from anywhere is now within reach.  A large up-front expense of a commercial grade security system can be difficult to incur.   That is why Skynet is pleased to offer our customers the Skynet Complete Program.

The Skynet Complete Program is ideal for:

  • Growing businesses
  • Maximizing budget options
  • All types of security systems
  • Worry-free repairs – No surprises
  • Companies that want up to date technology

This solution  provides customers the ability to obtain a commercial grade security system at no upfront cost.  Instead, Skynet can provide you a fixed monthly payment that not only gets you the exceptional security system we have quoted you, but also includes the following subscription benefits:

  • Free Equipment Replacement for Defective Parts 
  • Cloud Storage free for Two Critical Cameras   •Remote Support (Unlimited) 
  • 24/7 System Health Monitoring 
  • Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance (Includes two annual on-site visits to clean and refocus all cameras, assess system  health and ensure proper system functionality) 
  • Software/Firmware Updates Will Be Completed Upon Software/Firmware Release
  • Unlimited Annual Service Labor 
  • 36-hour Service Turnaround Time Guaranteed 
  • Forensic Video Review 10% Discount on Future Upgrades
Preserve your capital to grow your business

Let the Skynet Complete protect your business – As your business grows or changes, the Skynet Complete Program maximizes your investment options to help you protect your business. We’ll tailor a plan to fit your budget, allowing you to make one simple monthly payment for all of your security needs.

Eliminate unbudgeted service expenses

With the Skynet Complete Program, our standard service plan is included giving you peace of mind. We put our money where our protection is and help you stay open for business.

Don’t invest in something that will become obsolete

As a Skynet Complete customer, you can upgrade obsolete equipment every several years, with a renewed agreement, to make certain you’re receiving the best electronic protection possible. Your business won’t be making an investment in what will eventually become obsolete security equipment.

Reduce the up-front investment of protecting your business

We customize levels of the Skynet Complete Program investment options allowing you to select a plan that fits your needs. With the Skynet Complete Program, you will receive an automatic discount on initial monitoring charge (on monitored systems).

Around the clock service

As an option, Skynet Complete customers can receive 24-hour emergency service response. We’re there when you need us.

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