Brivo Access Control: Cloud Based Protection and Convenience

Introducing Brivo Access, a breakthrough building security solution.  Control access across your facility, modernize operations and turn actionable insights into data-driven decisions. 

Brivo Access opens a new chapter for Brivo’s core access control solution to deliver a safer, smarter, simply better future. With robust data analytics, streamlined workflows, identity management integrations, and powerful security features, Brivo Access protects your property, people and reputation.


Optimized data platform with visualization capabilities illuminate issues and anomalies so you can take action. Intuitive user-friendly interface, event tracking, event classification and real-time device status


Efficiently control your environment from anywhere  with streamlined workflows, operational and identity management integrations, and powerful security features to improve efficiency and enhance safety.


Use intelligent visualizations with robust data analytics  to proactively manage your security posture that help you turn actionable insights into better informed, data-driven decisions.


Select the right package of technology to automate access control, use data to transform your facility and achieve simply better security.

Access Control Security For All

Small and Single-Site Facilities

Access control is for everyone. Protect your people, property and reputation with best-in-class solutions.

Growing Mid-Market Multi-site Companies

Grow your business with a partner who leads in the industry and integrates with the system you already use.

Large Business Enterprises

Solve your complex challenges and make better decisions with a solution designed for your scale.

Cloud Applications

  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT to oversee security from any mobile device
  • MOBILE CREDENTIALS to open doors with your smartphone
  • LOCKDOWN to quickly and effectively secure the building
  • VISITOR MANAGEMENT to improve the visitor registration experience
  • IDENTITY MANAGEMENT to better control user access permissions

Mobile Credentials

  • Manage access any time and unlock doors from any location
  • View live door activity and recorded video footage
  • Remotely assign and revoke credentials sent directly to a user’s smartphone
  • Initiate lockdown of door(s) or entire site
  • Arm and disarm alarm panels

Mobile Management

  • Tap a single button to gain access via the closest door
  • Have one credential for access to multiple facilities and building amenities
  • Download, setup and use convenient features like adding ‘favorite’ doors 
  • Use Siri voice commands for hands-free operation
  • Protect high-security areas with two-factor authentication already built into smartphones


  • Control panels for a reliable, decision-making security hub
  • Readers that support secure mobile and smart credentials
  • Cellular solution to deploy access control anywhere
  • Video for real-time views and recorded access events
  • Wireless locks to achieve added security control
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