Avigilon Cloud Services: Extending ACC To The Cloud

The Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) platform connects your Avigilon Control Center (ACC) sites to the cloud. This enables remote access to your system from anywhere from a browser or our ACC mobile app.

Centralized Access

If you have multiple sites, ACS makes it easy to reach all your sites with convenient, centralized access to distributed sites. Federated authentication enables easy onboarding by allowing you to use your corporate login credentials across ACS, ACC™ and Access Control Manager (ACM).

System Health Monitoring

As a site administrator, you can remotely monitor the health of all your cloud-connected ACC sites using the web client to quickly assess the operational state of your cameras and servers and prioritize maintenance activities. An at-a-glance dashboard makes it easy to review the status of any of your ACC sites and its individual components by using smart filters to drill down to access the detail you need.

For a limited time, a preview of Avigilon’s Advanced System Health Monitoring service is now available for trial, offering expanded functionality for you to remotely complete maintenance activities. Remotely push ACC software upgrades for one or more sites simultaneously, helping to ensure your sites are always on the latest version of ACC software. Future remote maintenance capabilities will enable you to configure camera and server settings to support the highest system availability for your video security efforts.

Avigilon Control Center 7

This latest version is required to connect ACC sites to ACS, but upgrading to version 7 also unlocks so many innovations introduced in this latest release of our video management software.

Learn more about Next-Generation Video Analytics, Focus of Attention, Appearance Search, Unusual Motion Detection, Unusual Activity Detection, Facial Recognition, and more.


Access From Anywhere

Accessible from a Windows or Mac device and a Chrome or Safari browser. Or use our ACC Mobile 3 app on your mobile phone.

Simple and Secure Access

Firewall traversal enables secure remote access with minimal or no firewall re-configuration.

Seamless User Provisioning

No complicated user profile configuration required as existing ACC group privileges persist for web client or mobile app viewing.

System Health Monitoring

Review a centralized dashboard for a roll-up of the operational status of your systems to prioritize maintenance efforts.

Maintenance Services

Use remote access to troubleshoot issues and make configuration changes remotely so you can minimize site visits.

Continuous Updates

Cloud platform updated monthly so you can instantly take advantage of new capabilities and services.

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