Access Control

We provide a diverse set of access control options and work with you to select the right solution for your project.

Skynet Security custom designs, installs, and services integrated access control solutions for a wide range of industries. We partner with the best equipment manufacturers and software developers to ensure what you want secured stays secure.  Access control solutions from Skynet Security serve many use cases, from standalone buildings to complex global enterprises. We make access control systems that can go well beyond security to enhance building efficiencies and operations.

We take a partnering approach to our security assignments and are committed to forming strong relationships with our clients, design teams, municipalities, and local subcontractor communities.

Access control systems come in a variety of technologies with varying degrees of security like high frequency contactless and mobile to cybersecurity and locking hardware. Knowing the vulnerabilities to each is important when it comes to handling identity data and credentials.  In addition, our access control solutions can be integrated with other security, fire, and building systems to make your job of ensuring safety and security easier and more effective.

Keep Your People,
Property and Assets
Safe and Secure

Skynet offers its clients’ more than just a way to lock and unlock doors:  we install an electronic access control system that will allow you to administer, monitor, and manage your company’s security and employees.  Skynet provides comprehensive software management tools and systems integration to provide an efficient, productive, and safe work environment.

  • Scalable access control solutions for enterprise environments of every size
  • Easy-to-use interface to manage the access control database
  • Control access for employees and visitors
  • High-assurance systems, biometric readers, and multi-factor authentication for critical locations and assets
  • A systems-approach philosophy to minimize disruptions and ensure reliability
  • Powerful and highly encrypted door controllers
  • Mobile applications enable remote monitoring‚ÄĒanytime, anywhere
  • Seamless integration to interconnect a growing portfolio of security, fire, and building systems
  • Solutions that go beyond security to provide cyber resiliency, business efficiency, and intelligence
  • Create an audit trail: access historical data

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