Avigilon Control Center 7: Most Advanced Version of ACC Video Management Software

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is the latest and most advanced version of ACC™ video management software. Designed to bring the right information to you so that you can take action, ACC 7 provides an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface to help ensure critical events do not go unnoticed.

COVID-19 Response Technology

Operate safely and comply with local health and safety guidelines by deploying powerful video analytics for occupancy counting, social distancing and no face mask detection – natively available to ACC 7 software users with no additional licenses required.

Cloud-Connected ACC

Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) enables you to connect existing ACC sites to the cloud for easy and secure remote access to video via the web or mobile app, without complicated firewall port forwarding or time-consuming user configuration. Leverage centralized system health monitoring in ACS to assess the operational state of cameras and servers remotely. Benefit from future enhancements of ACS by updating to the latest versions of ACC software.

Focus of Attention Interface

Focus of Attention uses AI to detect and flag events that may require your attention, highlighting potentially critical events on the interface so you can easily see where action is required:

  • Blue: Motion Detected
  • Teal: Unusual Motion Detected or Analytic Event
  • Yellow: Unusual Activity Detected, Face Watch List Match Event, License Plate Watch List Match Event, or No Face Mask Detected
  • Red: Alarm

Facial Recognition

AI-powered facial recognition technology helps organizations accelerate response times by identifying people of interest based on secure watch list(s). Populate watch lists easily by uploading images or finding faces from recorded video. If a match is found, you can be notified either using the FoA interface or through ACC alarms using armed panels or the alarm view. ACC software will display the video image that triggered the alarm along with the reference image from the watch list, enabling operators to verify the match and act quickly.

Access Control Unification

ACC software unifies with your Access Control Manager™ system seamlessly, allowing you to verify the identity of the person attempting to access a door connected to a camera, quickly search for a person using their cardholder information and view video clips of related door activity.

FIPS-Compliant Cryptography

For U.S. government agencies and enterprises that require FIPS-compliant cryptography, ACC 7 software offers an option to use Microsoft Windows’ FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic libraries to comply with IT policies.

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