Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras are perfectly equipped to detect individuals in the dark, allowing you to catch criminals and monitor those who are hanging around your property.

Most unscrupulous activity takes place during the night. From acts of violence to breaking and entering, certain individuals use the dark to try to cover up their crimes.

With that said, as a property owner in Chicago, it’s important to equip your building with night vision cameras. Night vision cameras are perfectly equipped to detect individuals in the dark, allowing you to catch criminals and monitor those who are hanging around your property.

At SkyNet Security Systems, our experts have installed night vision cameras in Chicago and the Chicagoland area for years. Regardless of your security needs, our team can accommodate you. 

We are leaders in access control, video security, and intrusion detection—and we have years of experience in bringing these all together into seamlessly integrated, converged solutions for our customers.

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The Benefits of Installing Night Vision Cameras in Chicago

When compared to standard surveillance cameras, night vision cameras offer several benefits. These include the following:

Greater Clarity in the Dark

Standard surveillance cameras struggle to capture clear images when it’s dark outside. As such, things that occur under the cover of nightfall often appear as shadows on video. In the grand scheme of things, this footage offers no benefit to property owners. 

Night vision cameras, on the other hand, offer a black and white image that’s extraordinarily detailed. Not only can you tell what’s happening in the footage, but you can also see details on peoples’ faces. This level of clarity can make a world of difference when it monitoring your property.

Excellent Motion Detection

Another big benefit of night vision cameras is that they’re excellent at detecting motion. As such, if someone is in the area around your property, your night vision camera will be able to highlight them on video. This ensures that no areas are left unmonitored, and that you’ll always have a high level of control over your property.

The Ability to Scare Off Potential Intruders

Some Chicago property owners set up their night vision cameras to shine a bright light whenever someone goes near them. This can be beneficial if someone tries to break into your property, as it will alert them that they’re being monitored, which can ultimately scare them away.

An In-depth Security Assessment of Your Property 

To make sure you get the best night vision camera setup possible, we can carry out an in-depth security assessment of your property. This will allow us to position your cameras perfectly so that every inch of your property is monitored. As always, please do not hesitate to contact our team to schedule an assessment.

Ready to Install Night Vision Cameras in Chicago, Illinois?

Night vision cameras can make a world of difference when it comes to the monitoring your property 24/7. Not only can they record unscrupulous acts that take place at night, but they can also act as a deterrent to those who might wish to commit these acts. 

If you’re interested in installing night vision cameras in Chicago or the Chicagoland area, give the experts at SkyNet Security Systems a call. As the top-rated security company in Chicagoland, we offer a wide variety of night vision cameras to choose from. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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