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If no-one is looking at it, what’s the good of having an intruder alarm? Business premises are left empty for long stretches of time – overnight and at weekends. If an intruder comes in, when no-one is around to take action, it could be minutes before anyone is aware of the ringing bells and thinks to call the emergency services. Our alarm monitoring services ensure that your alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day – which means the proper authorities will be alerted instantly should anything occur.

Alarm monitoring connects your burglary alarm straight into the. As soon as an alarm is triggered on your premises, a message is delivered to the police.


How does Central Station monitoring work?

Skynet’s UL Listed Central Monitoring is known for its efficiency, reliability and fast response. Our servers keep track of every activity connect to burglary alarms, arming or disarming the system or if the alarm system is tampered with in any way making the alarm system resistant to unwanted activities.  There are a variety of options to choose. Notifications can be sent to you with notification of when and by whom the alarm panel was armed or disarmed by, if the panic button was pressed, or if some device from the alarm was deactivated, allowing you to react in real time.

Your alarm, whether we installed it or someone else did (we can take over monitoring most alarm systems), is programmed to dial into one of our receivers. This signal tells us your account number and what “zone” was triggered. One of our highly trained dispatchers will call the premises to verify that it is not a false alarm. If there is no answer, or someone answering the phone gives an incorrect response to our dispatcher, they will notify the proper authorities (fire, police, etc.).


Or You Can Self-Monitor through Notifications

Have your home or business tell you what’s going on the moment it happens. With alarm notifications, you can have your office or house send you a text or email message automatically when there’s activity that you would like to know about.


Stay Aware

Unlike other security systems that only work if you remember to arm them and someone tries to break in, our product monitors the activity at your place of interest, even when the system is disarmed. Now, you can get alerts whenever something happens like when your front door opens, there is motion in the basement or the liquor cabinet is opened.

Better yet, the alarm is fully customizable. You’ll only get the alerts you want, when you want. Specify which sensors trigger alerts as well as the time of day and day of the week each notification should be active.

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