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Skynet Security Systems, through its Birdseye Remote Monitoring Service, offers highly efficient Virtual Guard security systems for parking lots, truck yards, truck terminals, and automobile dealerships. Truck parking lots are a prime target for criminals because their open space nature makes them harder to protect. The best and most cost-effective way to counteract this threat is with smart surveillance systems

The Danger by the Numbers

Open space lots are ranked third when it comes to attracting many different types of criminal activity. There are valuable vehicles and inventories within parked trailers that can be stolen and broken into, they are secluded, and they are dark at night. This means that a parking lot is tempting for thieves, violent criminals and even drug dealers. On top of that, the Federal Bureau of Justice found that 70% of violent attacks in the US take place in commercial and non-commercial parking lots or garages.

This leaves business owners with a big dilemma. Costs are always an issue. Hiring an entire on-site security team, and building the system needed for them to be effective can add a big cost upfront and a steep monthly overhead. This is where our Virtual Guard solution comes into play.

Why Birdseye Remote Services?

Birdseye Remote Services is far beyond a simple security guard company. We offer a diverse set of solutions to meet your unique facility security needs. CCTV camera system installations and real-time surveillance ensure that you always have eyes on your property. Our professionally trained Agents are virtual security guards who can not only monitor your cameras, they can interactively provide other services utilizing our integrated services from enforcing PPE use to access control management. Birdseye also provides live guards for those who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. If you have a security issue, Birdseye can find a customized security solution to reduce your risk, and often, your insurance premiums.


Access Control

Birdseye’s professionally trained Agents can assist with access management and control. Utilizing our ID-Verifi™ machines at gate entrances and exits. These machines allow Agents to verify faces against ID, work strictly from manifest lists, or verify access permissions based on your rules and protocols, and act accordingly for access control. Agents can be connected to and trigger any gate, door, or entrance to allow access to approved individuals. Agents can also process unexpected visitors, salespeople, vendors, or deliveries — all based on your specific requirements and rules. As with all Birdseye services, customized reporting is available at a pre-determined schedule (daily/weekly/monthly). Monitors are provided at your dispatch office, or any other location in your facility, so you can also see what’s happening at your facility.

Live Video Monitoring

Birdseye’s professionally trained agents can use our IP-based digital video surveillance systems to monitor your facility 24/7. Our real-time remote monitoring services can not only watch for security issues, they can monitor for safety issues, damage to property, policy breaches and more. If there’s something you need monitored at your facility, your Birdseye dedicated agent can observe, catalogue, and report on it. Our Agents can also pro-actively get involved in incidents via Voice-Down™ — often preventing them from happening altogether. Our monitoring solutions can be customized to your needs, and Agents can watch for whatever concerns you in your facility.

Voice-Down™ Trespassers

Birdseye Remote Services Voice-Down™ system allows our Agents to be more than mere passive observers of your facility security. When unwanted or illegal activities occur, Voice-Down™ effectively stops these activities dead in their tracks and sends offenders scurrying. Prevention is better than recovery, and our Voice-Down™ technology is another in a formidable arsenal of deterrence tools. Using this technology, Agents can also hear what’s happening, and respond to problems or emergencies immediately and according to your protocols.

Inventory Control

Inventory management and control can be a challenge in any large, busy facility. Birdseye Agents can help you to keep track of your inventory movements — cargo coming off of trucks, inventory being moved around in the warehouse, cargo being moved onto trucks. They can help you to ensure that the right inventory is going to the right places at the right times and is being handled professionally and responsibly. If issues or errors arise, Birdseye Agents can pro-actively reach out to you or your team to report and confirm that errors or issues are caught and corrected quickly – before they cost you time and money.

Employee Performance Monitoring

Did productivity decrease in a certain department and you aren’t sure why? Are your employees spending more time than they should be checking their phones? Are items being misplaced or disappearing? Due to the unique nature of Birdseye’s monitoring solutions and the superior skills and training of our Agents, we can take facility monitoring to the next level. Agents can watch, record, and report on various aspects of employee performance. If you aren’t aware of a problem you can’t fix it — Birdseye Agents can help ensure that you know what’s happening with your employees, allowing you the opportunity and evidence to deal with these issues. Employee performance monitoring can not only create more efficiency and productivity in your employees but can create GOOD habits in place of bad habits when they know they are being observed.

Customer Reporting

There’s an old saying in business, “What isn’t measured isn’t managed”. Reporting is a huge part of the measurement and management equation. Birdseye Remote Services will provide you detailed reports tailored to your needs and requirements. You are totally in control of the information and format included in these reports, as well as reporting frequency. If you need an additional information added at a later date because of new metrics or policies, it can be done with a simple communication to your Agent. It’s never been so easy to know what’s going on anywhere in your facility!

Safety and Policy Enforcement

Enforcement of safety protocols and the use of PPE can be a struggle for any facility. Managers can’t be everywhere at once, and if you can’t see employees at all times, you can’t always be sure if they are following safety standards or company policy. This is where your dedicated Birdseye agent can help you. Birdseye’s professionally trained agents monitor your facility at all times — they can assist you to enforce policies and practices when you aren’t around. They can proactively get involved in real-time via Voice-Down™, or they can simply report the infractions straight to you for you to deal with. Employees get used to the idea that someone is watching them, and compliance soon becomes a habit. Rest a bit easier knowing that your dedicated agent is always on the job ensuring security and policy compliance in your facility — even when the management isn’t there.

C-TPAT and PIP Compliance

Birdseye’s security solutions are C-TPAT and PIP compliant. If you’re looking to acquire or maintain your C-TPAT or PIP certification status, Birdseye’s security solutions meet the criteria for certification of your facility.


Birdseye guarantees that their pricing will match or beat what you are currently paying for certified security services. Our custom-tailored solutions are packaged in a way that fits your budget. When you use Birdseye Remote Services, you do NOT pay for the equipment. It’s included in the cost and will save you an average of $50,000 in equipment costs up-front.

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