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Video Alarm Case Study

Method Construction Protects its Properties with Skynet’s Video Verified Alarm.

Located in Chicago, Method Construction is among the elite addition and remodeling contractors. Method is a full-solution provider of design-build services. From concept review to project planning to construction to closeout, Method uses Lean Construction to meet project goals on-time with high quality and minimal risk.

Method Construction knows the importance of protecting their properties from vandalism and theft throughout their projects, which is why they partnered with Skynet Security to meet their loss prevention needs.


Method Construction is committed to protecting its investments from theft and vandalism.  Method understands that construction sites are exposed to a high risk of intrusion, because they contain high value materials and are unoccupied after hours.  These sites are targeted by burglars because they can often be easily accessed; Construction sites typically do not have fencing or other mechanisms to deter trespassing.  Property left onsite is often lying on the ground in a partially constructed, unsecured building.

Prior to partnering with Skynet Security, Method secured its buildings with watch dogs.  Although this approach can act as a deterrent, it is accompanied by high ongoing costs and liability.  Method Construction was looking for a more secure, practical, and cost-effective means of securing their assets.


Skynet Security designed and implemented a video alarm system (SkyGuard) to meet Method Constructions security needs.  SkyGuard is a wireless alarm system that ties all of the components of a traditional alarm with video verification.  Each motion sensor is equipped with a hidden security camera, which streams a video of each alarm event to our 24-hour monitoring station.  From there, our responders can verify whether or not the tripped alarm is a valid threat before notifying the proper authorities.  This added video component results in Priority Response, which is a process adopted by law enforcement and dispatch teams.  As opposed to traditional alarm systems, video-verified alarms are seen as crimes in progress, and police are immediately sent to the scene.  Our comprehensive SkyGuard system can also be accessed through a smartphone application, which allows our clients to activate/deactivate their alarm systems remotely.


Skynet Security implemented its SkyGuard system at over 15 Method Construction sites, helping to create a security standard for the Chicago-based company.  The SkyGuard approach continues to provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive security at a small fraction of the cost of Method Constructions previous security measure, watch dogs.  The wireless feature of SkyGuard allows for simple installation wherever the motion sensor cameras are needed, keeping the cost of implementation attractively low.

SkyGuard has prevented numerous thefts for Method Construction, saving it from replacing stolen equipment, repairing damaged property, and diminishing profit margins.  Where traditional alarms are usually subjected to 15-20 minute law enforcement response times, our video-verified Priority Response has police on the scene in as little as 5-10 minutes. Consequently, our SkyGuard system leads to more arrests and less crime.  In addition, because our alarms are video-verified, we are able to eliminate the likelihood of false alarms, which often cost $75-$90 in fines per occurrence.

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"I can sum it up in only two words, Totally Awesome! Our experience from beginning to end and beyond has been a pleasure. Hani was my first contact with the company. His no pressure expertise was refreshing, along with Skynet's incomparable tech team. Skynet has brought about a positive experience for me and our company. Whenever I need alarms, access control, or video surveillance, I look toward Skynet for my solutions. Kudos! to Skynet!"

Wayne Holler, Urban Investment Group