Baum Revision

Baum Revision is a Chicago-based real estate development company with a commitment to environmental sustainability through adaptive reuse and historic preservation. Its diverse real estate portfolio represents a blend of impactful signature projects and market driven investments across a broad range of geographies and product types.

Managing multiple properties presents many security challenges.  In particular, simplifying the process of onboarding new tenants’ access and monitoring activity for a collective of properties is not an easy task. 

Taking a holistic approach, Skynet Security designed and implemented integrated, cloud-based Brivo access control and Eagle-Eye video surveillance systems across Baum’s properties.  This eliminated the need for disparate servers at each of Baum’s individual sites, and provides the management team with complete transparency across all sites with a single login. 

Skynet’s integrated system allows for individual property managers to each administer keycard access and monitor security cameras at their respective sites, while allowing management to oversee all of its properties remotely in a single view.  Because the video surveillance and access control systems are integrated, all keycard events are synchronized with the associated video event.  This saves management time in searching for relevant video.  Now Baum can focus more of their time doing what they do best; developing and managing properties.

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