Mircom Adds Single Loop Intelligent Fire Panel to its Product Suite

Skynet Security’s fire partner, Mircom, has announced its launch of the new FX-3318 Single Loop Intelligent Addressable Panel

Founded in 1991, Mircom Group of Companies is North America’s largest independent designer, manufacturer and distributor of intelligent building and life safety solutions. Reaching customers in over 100 countries worldwide, its unwavering commitment to North American manufacturing enables Mircom to offer the highest quality and best competitive value across its vast range of solutions.

The FX-3318 is its newest fire alarm offering, and it is UL 864 9th Edition listed, cost effective, and easy to install, program and use.  It has uncompromised features while maintaining the look and feel of larger Mircom panels as its menus follow standard Mircom panels to reduce learning. Mircom’s FX-3318 is intended for small to medium facilities that require a low-cost solution.

Our new FX-3318 is a great combination of proven FX-3500 firmware in a smaller footprint, at a great price.
Michael DeMille, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing

Mircom’s FX-3318 provides one intelligent Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) that supports Advanced Communication Protocol (AP).  AP devices use a high-speed communication protocol that greatly increase the speed of communication between intelligent devices.

The FX-3318 can support up to 318 devices in AP mode and offers legacy CLIP support of up to 198 devices. The FX-3318 is shipped pre-assembled with all main components:

  • Complete with main board, power supply, transformer and a 4×20 LCD screen in a red enclosure
  • PAS (Positive Alarm Sequence)
  • Supports up to 7 annunciators
  • Supports sync protocols from major manufacturers
  • Four Power Limited Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style Z) NAC circuits
  • Built-in Dialer Module for remote monitoring

The FX-3318 is a great alternative to replace conventional systems. The trim ring dresses the panel for easy retrofits or new installs.

“It will position itself nicely in our lineup to compete with any small addressable Fire Alarm Control unit on the market,” said DeMille.

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