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Catholic Charities was founded over a century ago by men and women who believed that the collective efforts of the church to faithfully serve people in need could change the course of poverty in our nation.  Among many charitable contributions, Catholic Charities owns and operates over 35,000 units of permanent housing, half of which are used for senior living. 

Catholic Charities is dedicated to the safety and well-being of its residents, which is why they were make sure to secure all of their senior living buildings with video surveillance and access control.  Always up to the task, Skynet Security designed and implemented security camera, keycard access, and telephone directory systems for 27 of Catholic Charities senior living facilities around the Chicagoland area.  With budget and quality both in mind, Skynet Security deployed an enterprise-grade system that was both affordable and reliable. 

High-definition security cameras were installed in all common areas, hallways, elevator lobbies, and entrance/exit points.  High-definition pan-tilt-zoom and fixed security cameras were strategically placed around the exterior of all buildings to ensure optimal video coverage.  Card readers were placed at all entry points, community rooms, and restricted areas.  Telephone Directories were added to each building main entrance to verify and grant all visitors’ access. All of these systems can be managed by the local property manager as well as the Catholic Charities main office through remote access.  In addition, Skynet Security proactively maintains the health of Catholic Charities security systems through a service plan which includes annual preventative maintenance, system health monitoring, and unlimited service labor.  Catholic Charities can now confidently say that its tenants and employees are safe and secure with Skynet’s security systems in place. 

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