Riverside Brookfield High School

Riverside Brookfield High School (RBHS) is located just 13 miles west of Chicago in a predominantly residential suburb designed by Frederick Law Olmstead.  A total of 84% of the 109 professional personnel hold a master’s degree or beyond. RBHS’s mission is to provide a comprehensive education in a safe, orderly, well-equipped environment.

In accordance with their mission of providing a safe environment, RBHS was looking to upgrade and enhance their security camera system and video monitoring software.  Equipped with the schools site plans and network infrastructure, Skynet Security was tasked with designing and implementing a IP video surveillance system that would cover all entrances, hallways, common areas, and the exterior of the building to ensure that there are minimal blind spots and high-definition coverage.  Skynet Security provided a video monitoring software that ultimately minimized the staff’s time with video investigations through quick search and video analytic features.  RBHS now has peace of mind that its faculty, staff and students are safeguarded with a cutting-edge security camera system.

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