Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) roots can be traced back over a century.  The rich history of the department spreads across the entire state of Illinois, and has been around for as long as there have been cars and highways. IDOT always strives to strengthen, maintain, and expand the Illinois transportation system, all while considering trends in the transportation industry, population, freight demands, mobility needs, safety factors, interconnectivity, corporate needs, and housing development.

Considering the nature of IDOT’s mission, it does not take security lightly.  In extensive collaboration with the IDOT management and technical team, Skynet Security designed and implemented a cutting-edge video management system.  Using Avigilon video software and security cameras, Skynet Security ensured comprehensive coverage of the exterior and interior of IDOT’s headquarters. 

From high-tech license plate cameras at each entrance, to innovative 32-megapixel cameras in parking lots, to multi-lens cameras covering hard to reach blind spots, to cutting-edge analytic security cameras, IDOT can have peace of mind with their video security system.  Extensive cybersecurity measures around Avigilon’s security camera system ensures that the video stays internal and confidential.  While IDOT continues to keep Illinois’ transportation safe, they can rest assured that Skynet is keeping its facility safe and secure.

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