Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk was founded in 2005 and built upon the passionate belief that food and wine hold the power to forge lasting connections.  With modern casual dining and hand-crafted wine at its center, Cooper’s Hawk creates a dining experience with warm hospitality in an inviting upscale setting.

Cooper’s Hawk wanted to secure their manufacturing facility with security cameras and access control.  In addition to securing the facility, Cooper’s Hawk was particularly interested in monitoring the wine making process for maintaining quality control.  Working closely with the management team, Skynet Security designed, provided and installed an integrated video surveillance and access control system to meet its clients’ needs.  Security cameras were strategically placed around the exterior of the facility to serve as a vandal deterrent and to provide on demand exterior visibility to Cooper’s Hawk management team.   In addition, cameras were placed at the interior of all entrance points to the facility to further enhance its security.

In order to facilitate monitoring of the production areas, high-resolution surveillance cameras were strategically placed to cover every angle of each production line.  With the capability to view their processes in real time and playback, Cooper’s Hawk management can now monitor productivity and enhance optimize its production process more effectively. In addition, the complete integration of the access control and security camera systems provides Cooper’s Hawk with verification of all personnel accessing the building.  With this peace of mind, Cooper’s Hawk can continue to focus on what’s most important to them, its customers.

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