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A large credit card manufacturer, headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, was in search for an integrator that was capable of designing and implementing an electronic security system to meet their needs.  Credit card manufacturers are bound to a strict set of Payment Card Industry (PCI) guidelines when it comes to electronic security, so the system needed was complex and robust.  Equipped with an extensively trained and capable team, Skynet Security was up to the task.

PCI security guidelines require a security camera system that has no blind spots in the high-secure area (HSA) of any credit card manufacturing facility.  All security cameras must record for 90 days on a main and backup server as well.  In regards to access control, PCI mandates card readers on both sides of all HSA doors, which requires employees to swipe in and out of all HSA areas.  This provides the security control room (SCR) visibility into the location of all employees in the HSA at any given time.  Further, all enclosed HSA rooms must not have only one person inside at any given time, so the access control system implemented must be able to enforce a “two-man rule” for all HSA rooms.  Any outside vendor deliveries go through overhead doors leading to a caged area within the HSA, and that cage door must be closed when the overhead door is open and vice-versa.  Lastly, the entire facility must be equipped with intrusion and fire detection, which communicate to an independent monitoring station and the SCR in the event of any intrusion or fire.

Skynet Security designed and implemented a solution to bring this credit card manufacturer to full PCI compliance.  By dual-streaming all high-definition IP security cameras, Skynet installed a main and back-up server with enough hard-drive storage to record over 90 days of video footage. Through careful selection of the proper access control software and extensive programming, Skynet was able to enforce a two man-rule for all HSA rooms, requiring two employees to swipe before an HSA room door is unlocked.  In conjunction with an anti-passback rule, both employees next swipe must be on that same rooms exit card reader, which ensures that they both enter the room.  Using interlocking access control rules, this credit card manufacturer can be sure that the HSA cage door is secure whenever an outside delivery enters the overhead door.  Likewise, the overhead door is always securely closed when the cage door is opened in order to bring the goods into the HSA.  Skynet covered the entire facility with door contacts and motion sensors to protect against intrusion.  Additionally, seismic sensors are located throughout the entire vault to alert management and the monitoring station of any break-in attempts.  All systems are seamlessly integrated and constantly in communication with each other.  This credit card manufacturer can now rest assured that its facility is up to PCI compliance, and more importantly, that its assets and employees are safe and secure.

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