Hornblower Cruises

Located off of Chicago’s famous Navy Pier, Hornblower Cruises offers a distinct fusion of dining, entertainment and amazing skyline views to its customers.  Hornblower Cruises is comprised of four ships (Odyssey, Spirit, Mystic Blue, and Elite), each of which offers its own unique blend of memorable experiences.  It also offers fast-paced, speed-boat excursions through its Seadog line.

Skynet Security’s design of Hornblower Cruises access control and video surveillance systems was based on multiple factors.  Its management team was looking for a mechanism to remotely monitor activity in all their ships and centrally administer user-level access rights to all areas within those ships.  Skynet Security provided and deployed high-definition security cameras to cover critical areas of every cruise line.  In addition, Skynet Security provided keycard readers to all doors of public and private areas, where Hornblower Cruises can set lock/unlock schedules on all public doors and restrict access to only authorized personnel on all private doors.  Both the security camera system and access control system are accessible from Hornblower’s main office, allowing them to administer and manage the system remotely from a central location.

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