Etta Restaurant Group

Etta Restaurants are centered around a wood-fired hearth, creating sophisticated yet familiar dishes using expert cooking techniques.  Etta Restaurant Group currently has locations in Chicago and California with plans to expand into Arizona, Texas and Florida. 

The Etta Restaurant Group is dedicated to the safety and security of its customers and staff, which is why they invest in the most advanced, full-scale security technologies.  In an effort to provide full security camera system coverage in their restaurants, the Etta Restaurant Group reached out to Skynet Security for a consultation and system design. 

In anticipation of the restaurant groups future growth, Skynet Security stressed the importance of implementing a security camera system that can be easily standardized across all of Etta’s restaurants.  In addition, Skynet Security installed a security camera system that would allow Etta management to view all locations from one screen with a single sign-on.  Skynet Security provided high-definition security camera system installations at all three of Ettas locations, including coverage of their exterior perimeter, lobby, entrance points, tills, and all public areas.  The Etta Restaurant Group can now rest assured that they have complete on-demand visibility into all of its restaurants.

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