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the Coronavirus!

States around the country have begun mandating that all non-essential businesses to temporarily suspend operations, leaving only essential businesses in operation. Since these businesses are still open, their workforce is put at risk for exposure to COVID-19. It is more important than ever that businesses start implementing prevention systems to protect their workforce and the public.

Recently, the CDC has released new guidelines ( for essential businesses and employers to plan and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the CDC recommends, employers should measure the employee’s temperature prior to them starting work. Major companies have begun screening employees for abnormal body temperatures before starting their shift. Walmart and FedEx have added body temperature screening to their safety procedures as protection for employees has come under public scrutiny. Along with essential businesses, all the businesses that have temporarily suspended operations will need to have proper prevention methods in place for when the workforce returns.

With quarantine measures in force, it is better to prevent the disease than to cure it and technology can help us achieve that. Skynet’s thermal camera solutions can help businesses around Chicago land with early identification of threats.  Among many solutions on the market Skynet Security has hand-picked a system that is simple and convenient to operate. It can set the alarm temperature range, realize multi-point alarm and tracking, ensure that no targets are missed, and avoid interference from other high-temperature objects. Infrared and visible video images are transmitted to the monitoring center for analysis and processing in real time. With concealed design and smooth operation, the safety of the crowd is always guarded.  This large-scale body temperature screening can be exercised in airports, stations, schools, hotels, properties, manufacturing plants and hospitals.

Our solutions do not diagnose illnesses, they help identify people with higher than normal body temperatures, effectively raising awareness and controlling the spread of the epidemic. 

Skynet Security is dedicated to prevent and slow down the transmission of the coronavirus.  Please fill out the form below and/or give us a call to learn more about our thermal temperature solutions. 

As always, all of us at Skynet Security hope you are staying healthy and safe during this uncertain and chaotic time.

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