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Harper Court Partners with Skynet Security

Located in Chicago’s Hyde Park, Harper Court is a redevelopment that delivers 1.1 million square feet of retail, commercial, and residential real estate to the heart of Chicago’s Mid-South communities.  Harper Court offers vibrant entertainment, dining and shopping to the Hyde Park neighborhood.

Surveillance cameras are an essential component to the security of any commercial building, which is why Harper Court was looking to partner with a security integrator that can deliver a state-of-the-art, effective CCTV solution.


Harper Court began planning for security before its construction.  They wanted to implement a comprehensive system, one that would control all access points, allow for emergency management, and secure the entire premises.  Looking for a trustworthy, professional integrator to align with, Harper Court chose Skynet to design and build their security system.

With multiple levels of parking, a number of retail spaces, University of Chicago offices, and an LA Fitness, the security design required meticulous planning.  We wanted to provide Harper Court with a system that would maximize the return on their security investment, while still allowing the flexibility for future expansion.

There are five doors restricted only to authorized personnel.  In addition, there are three levels of parking, two parking kiosks, an open parking lot, and restricted areas that needed surveillance monitoring and emergency management systems.


Skynet Security provided Harper Court with thirty-four Axis cameras, along with emergency phones and electronic access control.  Throughout the three-level parking garage and outdoor open lot, fourteen Axis Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras were strategically placed for comprehensive high-resolution video coverage.  All parking pay stations were equipped with fixed Axis Outdoor Dome cameras with the purpose of capturing license plates of entering/exiting vehicles.  Indoor Axis Dome Cameras were used to monitor and secure the entry points, lobbies, indoor pay stations, and back of house areas of Harper Court.

Thirty-four two-megapixel IP cameras can consume a lot of internet bandwidth and hard-drive space.  In order to maximize the videos frame rate, resolution, and streaming ability without toggling their LAN network, Skynet tied the entire IP system on a separate, one-gigabit managed network PoE switch.  We built a robust server with fourteen Hard-Drive Disk slots with RAID6 and 28TB, allowing for over 45 days of video storage protected against HDD Failure.


Skynet Security maximized Harper Courts security  efforts through the design and installation of Emergency Phones, Electronic Access Control and IP Video Surveillance (CCTV).  The strategic placement of  eight emergency phones provides safety measures to Harper Court visitors and tenants. The access control system provides limited access , along with user logs, to restricted areas.  The IP CCTV system provides high-resolution live and recorded video covering the entire property along with video analytic software to efficiently monitor the system.

With Skynet’s customized IP CCTV System, Harper Court was able to grant remote user access to its parking vendor to effectively manage their kiosks and the entire parking lot, which allows them to effectively mitigate liability and revenue loss.  Furthermore, Harper Court utilizes the system for live monitoring of their premises, which enhances the security of its building tenants and visitors.

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